Nomos Review has teamed up with Dime Stories, International to produce a scintillating night of stories, art, and wine on the final Friday of every month at Wine Country Art Gallery in the heart of Wine Country Temecula. Nomos Review is the nonprofit literary journal I edit.

Read what Gordon Johnson of KCET’s Artbound has to say about Dime Stories, Temecula:Opening Night Dime Stories - Lisa Sanchez

“Dime Stories, Temecula was started by Lisa Sanchez, a former university professor turned fiction writer, who saw a need for an open-mic venue in Temecula, a place where writers could get their words heard by an audience.

“A live reading provides you with an audience to listen to your work, and you get attached to that audience, it keeps you on your toes,” Sanchez said. “By gauging audience reaction, you know immediately what’s working and what isn’t.”

Dime StorieDS gathering - 5:31s Temecula had its first gathering May 31, at the Temecula Wine Country Art Gallery in the vineyards of the Van Roekel Winery on Rancho California Road. Of the 40 or so people who attended, 23 chose to read. The process was simple, like a raffle. Write your name and the title of your piece on a slip of paper, drop it into a bowl.

Sanchez picks out a ticket and calls the reader’s name. The reader has three minutes to enthrall the audience. After all the readers have read, the audience selects the top three stories of the night. The readings are recorded, and the top three are posted as audio recordings on the Dime Stories website

When Sanchez first came to Temecula 10 years ago, she didn’t immediately find what she was looking for — a community of writers. She’s been in Temecula long enough now to discover the Inland Empire is home to many writers, laboring in isolation in their bedrooms, studies and on kitchen tables, pounding out words for self expression. It’s Sanchez’s dream to make writing less solitary, and to provide writers with ways to get their words out. Dime Stories, a monthly event, certainly works toward that end.” For the complete story, check out Artbound, KCET.

Amy Wallen, Elle Brooks, David Raines

DS 5:31 - captivating stories

Sandy Schuster Hubard - 5:31 DS

David Raines - 5:31 DS